About Hightree

handmade, fair & eco-friendly

My name is Elma Hogeboom, sustainable artist, passionate gardener and tea lover. In 2017 I started my mission towards true sustainable art when I found out that the majority of paints in art stores contain poisonous materials and heavy metals, like cadmium, cobalt and lead. Not something I wanted to work with. After a lot of research I created my own database of sustainable pigments, binders and other materials that I use. That’s how I started my work as a sustainable artist, where I make art with respect for the environment.

Because I think everyone should be able to decorate their homes with sustainable art, independent of their monthly paycheck, I started Hightree Sustainable Art Co. I made it my mission to make sustainable the new standard. Therefore, with Hightree I design sustainable art prints, posters and postcards with great care for the environment. For example, I try to use as many recycled materials as possible, and wrap my postcards in bioplastic sachets that are home compostable.

To complete the circle, Hightree plants a tree for art print, poster and set van 6 postcards. That’s what I call ‘a tree for a Hightree‘. This way we build a more beautiful, healthier and greener future together.


We put sustainability first for all our products. We use recycled paper, home-compostable bioplastic sachets, but also use bike messenger delivery for example.

Fair made

All art you find at Hightree has been made by me. In addition, I select our frames carefully for use of sustainable materials and the way they are made.


Besides art prints and postcards, you can also find original handmade art in the Hightree webshop. If you are looking for something special, don’t hesitate to contact me. I also design custom art, book covers , postcards & birth announcements among others, for both companies and individuals.

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