Shipping & Delivery

Sustainable Packaging

As a sustainable company, we aim to be completely plastic-free and to make as much use of recycled products as possible. That’s why we pack our parcels in recycled cardboard boxes. To top it off, we use eco-friendly tape to pack our boxes. For international shipments, we use eco-friendly and plastic-free custom slips to contain our customs declarations. This way, we do our part to work towards a healthy planet and clean oceans.


But that is not where sustainability ends. That’s why we work together with a bike messenger to deliver our parcels. This way, we try to put sustainability first, also for our shipping. And our partnering with the bike messenger doesn’t only make our shipping process green, but also they include people with poor job prospects in the shipping process, which we think is inclusive, inspiring and irrisistible!

While we cannot guarantee bike messenger drop-off in the countryside and outside of the Netherlands, we will always make it our priority to be transparent and to work towards a more sustainable way of delivery abroad. And in the meantime, we will keep on planting trees in our company forest to make our shipping & delivery process more than CO2 neutral.

Shipping Costs

Shipping costs depend on the size of your order and the country of delivery. You can find a table of shipping costs below:

Mailbox Parcels

Max. 38 x 26,5 x 3,2 cm in size and max. 2 kg

Netherlands: €3,95

Belgium & Germany: € 7,95

Luxembourg € 8,95

France: € 7,95

United Kingdom: € 7,95

Spain: € 8,95

Europe 1*: € 8,95

Europe 2**: € 8,95

Rest of the world: € 8,95 

Bigger Parcels

Max. 100x50x50 cm in size and max 2 kg

Netherlands: €6,50

Belgium & Germany: € 9,95

Luxembourg: € 14,00

France: € 19,00

United Kingdom: € 14,50

Spain: € 19,00

Europe 1*: € 13,50

Europe 2**: € 18,95

Rest of the world: € 27,00 

* Austria, Denmark, Italy, Sweden

** Rest of Europe, except Russia

Delivery Times

Shipments within the Netherlands are usually delivered within 1-3 working days.

Customs & Import Duties

Our shipping fees do not include customs & import duties outside of the European Union. To find out more about these duties you can contact your local customs department.