Plant a Tree

Plant a tree:

a tree for a hightree

As a sustainable company, we are committed to taking the environment into account as much as possible in every product we make. Whether it concerns original sustainable art, made with non-toxic pigments, or eco-friendly art prints: we try to be open and transparent about our production chain. In this way we are on the road to a healthier planet together.

Despite our efforts, we realize that 100% sustainable is not yet feasible in the current economic system. That’s why we came up with the slogan: a Tree for a Hightree. By replanting a tree for your purchase, we hope to complete the chain. This way we work together towards a better, greener and healthier world.





We are currently working with several charities that have the trees planted for us worldwide. This involves looking at the recovery of ecosystems and immediately counteracts the advancement deserts.


The trees are currently being planted in projects in Mexico and Central Africa, among others. Planting these trees not only helps restore the local ecosystem, but also provides a living for the local community. Most trees are planted in food forests, which the farmers can use to make a living. A real win-win situation!

“The creation of a thousand forests

is in one acorn ”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson –


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