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Sustainable, Eco-friendly & Plastic-free

All of our sustainable and eco-friendly art prints & posters have been proudly Ecoprinted® on premium quality 100% recycled paper with an FSC® recycled credit certificate. And to top it off, our products are plastic-free. Our products prove that sustainable art doesn’t have to be dull or bland, but can be dynamic, sparkling and colourful, with sustainability as its ethical foundation.

A Tree for a Hightree®

By buying our sustainable art prints & posters you get to enjoy an inspiring piece of sustainable art, while contributing to a better planet at the same time. How? Because we plant a tree for every sustainable art print & poster you buy. That’s what we call: a tree for a Hightree. But we cannot do this alone: we need your help. So buy an art print today, and help us plant trees. Let’s make this world greener, one tree at a time.